Oldest Bible manuscript is one of only seven surviving bible manuscripts that contain verses on the death penalty

This ancient Bible manuscript has been described as “the oldest surviving manuscript that contains verses on capital punishment in the Bible.”

The manuscript was discovered in the late 18th century in the town of Arzamizin, in Turkey.

A local priest was also tasked with preserving the manuscript, which he later passed to the historian Erol Künzel who preserved it in the 1950s.

The manuscript’s contents were later described by Küngzel in his book The Bible and the World, published in 1963.

It is believed that this manuscript was among the first known to contain verses against capital punishment.

The Bible is written in Hebrew and is believed to be the oldest extant written language.

According to the Encyclopedia of the Bible, the earliest known manuscripts were found in the 3rd century BC, but the earliest Greek copies date to around 800 BC.

Künnzel believes the manuscript was in the possession of a priest in Arzampazin, Turkey.

The priest was known as Tzara and was known for his strict adherence to the rules of the community.

The text of the book contains passages that praise the punishment of the criminals and call for their execution.

Könnzel describes the scene in which the priest’s body was found: The corpse of the priest, the one that had been thrown into the lake, was found in a field near Arzamsizin.

He was in perfect health, except for a few wounds on his neck, the head and hands.

The head was badly cut and the body was covered with blood.

His left arm was completely cut off.

His right hand was tied and the blade of his sword was hanging from his shoulder.

He had a piece of skin and a piece on his forehead, but he had nothing on his face.

In the book, Künszel describes how the priest was killed: He was thrown into a lake.

There were five or six bodies in the lake.

One of them was a child, who was not only alive, but had a childlike look.

The rest of the bodies had a dead look.

It was also possible that there were two or three other bodies in it.

There was blood everywhere, and the dead bodies had been cut with knives.

The two men who had killed him were still there, but their eyes were closed.

They were covered with the dead man’s blood.

And there was a man in a white robe who was tied up.

The last person to be executed was a woman, but she was not even there.

He lay there with a sword on his shoulder and a knife in his hand.

He did not say a word, he just laid there there and waited.

The next time Küners found the priest on the ground, he described the scene: The priest, who had not been able to make any sign of himself, was thrown down into the water.

The people who had been watching him saw that he had no face and no hair, and there was no one to look at him.

He just lay there.

Then he was brought up and given some water.

He began to drink.

Then they started to kill him.

After a while, the priest turned pale.

Then the people started to wash his clothes.

He didn’t have any hair, but they used the hair from his face to wash the clothes.

There is no word about what happened to him after he was killed.

The following year, the townspeople of Arzanok, a city in central Turkey, found a second body that was tied to a tree and was buried in the same cemetery as the first.

The body was discovered after a man named Özel had been killed in front of a mosque by two Muslims, who were accused of being members of the outlawed Islamic Movement of Turkey (IMT).

The IMT denies that the group is active and has no ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Könsel was one of the first historians to document the whereabouts of the manuscript.

KÜngzel believed that the text was one part of a long-running story.

In 2013, Könsel published a book about the life of the church of Arzerç, which was founded by a Catholic priest named John the Baptist.

The church’s pastor was called Peter the Evangelist.

In 1520, a man, named John, named Jesus Christ, was born in Arzanoks monastery in the Black Sea city of Capua.

Känsel wrote that the manuscript is the only surviving copy of a biblical book that mentions Jesus Christ.

Körngzel believes that this book will be of great interest to historians.

He believes that the Bible will be lost forever.

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