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The Midnight Sun was published in 1953 by William Faulkner’s estate.

The novel follows a young girl named Grace, who lives with her parents in a small coastal town, near a small stream, and her older brother, who has a family of their own.

Grace’s father is an engineer and has built a small, sailboat called the Nautilus that he uses to navigate the water.

When her mother is attacked by an evil witch, Grace and her brother are saved by the young sailor’s friend, who turns out to be a young witch who has been sent by her father to destroy the village.

When Grace’s mother returns home from a fishing trip, she discovers that her brother is missing.

She is immediately drawn into a quest to find her brother and reclaim her lost home.

The story is full of magic and suspense and is filled with twists and turns that make it a very good read.

I would definitely recommend Midnight Sun to anyone who likes stories that take place in small, isolated coastal towns.

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