Manuscript review guidelines to prevent plagiarism

Posted February 04, 2018 05:30:54The Federal Government has released guidelines for its publishing system to ensure it is not taking the advice of anyone but itself.

Key points:The Government’s guidelines are to be updated every six months to include the latest scientific research in scientific journalsThe Federal government’s submission to the Scientific and Industrial Research Council (SICR) is the latest to have the recommendationsThe guidelines have been released as part of the Government’s submission in the SCAI (Science and Technology Australia) review of scientific publishing.

Key features of the guidelines:The Federal guidelines include a list of the most important elements that must be followed in the submission of a manuscript, as well as a list outlining the best ways to identify and remove plagiarism.

The guidelines were designed to ensure that all the material on the submission was properly peer-reviewed.

“These guidelines will be reviewed regularly, as required, by the Scientific & Industrial Research Committee, SICR,” a spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services said.

“It is important that these guidelines are updated regularly to ensure the process is robust and transparent.”

The guidelines state that the Federal Government’s Submission to the SICL is the most current and up-to-date submission that is submitted to the review.

The department has said that the guidelines are based on the advice from the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (NCSTR), the industry body that advises the Government on scientific publishing and the submission process.

“In particular, the guidelines include recommendations on how to identify plagiarism in submissions to SICC,” a department spokesperson said.

This has been done through a new process called “Preliminary Assessment of Science Fiction and Fantasy Submission Guidelines”.

This process uses a questionnaire to identify potential plagiarism, which is then compared to the work of other authors.

It is the first time that this process has been used to assess the submissions of science fiction and fantasy authors.

“The guidelines are also designed to assist the submission review process by allowing authors to clarify the appropriateness of their work in order to prevent any possible errors in the science fiction submission,” the spokesperson said, adding that the process was not intended to be used to penalise authors.

The Federal Health Department has also updated its submission guidelines.

“To help ensure that submissions are produced as accurately and expeditiously as possible, the new guidance is designed to include a comprehensive review of all scientific research published in the last five years,” a Department of Human Services spokesperson said in a statement.

“For this purpose, the Health Department will conduct a systematic review of its submission process to identify all scientific articles submitted to Science & Innovation Australia and to review the current processes and procedures for submissions to Science& Innovation Australia.”

This will provide guidance on how the submission and assessment process should be adapted to meet the evolving needs of science publishing.

“This update is expected to be made available to all authors in March 2019.

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