How to use the crossword puzzle in a police report

If you’re using a crossword to solve a murder mystery, you may want to know that it has an extra trick up its sleeve.

According to a new report by the New York Post, police officers in the state of Michigan were able to solve the crime of a murder by simply reading a book in a crosswords form.

The police report said that a woman named Marjorie C. Sorenson was murdered on November 6, 1980.

Police said she had gone to a store where she had bought a $10 book of crosswords.

When they arrived at the scene, they found that a large number of crossword puzzles were strewn about, with no clues as to where they came from.

The police report claimed that they were unable to locate a specific book or even a specific number of puzzles.

After interviewing Sorens father, Soren’s husband, a former state trooper, and a detective, the report concluded that Soren had been killed by a serial killer.

It also stated that Sarnons purse was discovered with a number of missing pages.

The crossword-related mystery is so well known that it was picked up by the internet and a slew of popular blogs and forums, including the popular puzzle-solving site The Crossword Guru.

After the report came out, many other crossword related news stories surfaced.

In a post titled “Why I can’t solve a crosswort murder,” a reader wrote, “I’ve never solved a murder case where the victim had a crosswine.”

A commenter wrote, “[T]he murder victim had to be killed in the exact same manner as in the crosswine murder case, and the killer could have been anywhere, in any neighborhood, with any kind of clothes.”

A user named “Nebi” claimed that the mystery solved the mystery of a crossweed murder in an article on The Daily Dot.

“I used a cross wort and a cross puzzle to solve this case,” he wrote.

“My only regret is that it took so long to solve it.

I was able to locate the killer, and I was the only one who solved it.”

The investigation by police is not over yet, however.

A preliminary report says that they believe that Srenson’s killer may have used a different type of crosswine, but that the case will still be solved.

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