Why I chose to write a book on poetry, not just a novel, in 2017

The year 2017 was a landmark year for the Indian literary landscape, as more writers took to the digital medium to express their thoughts and feelings.

As many as 20 writers have published their works on digital platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, while the Indian writer Amitabh Bachchan has even written a book about the year’s literary developments on his personal blog.

Here is our list of the most important books of 2017 and what we learnt from them.1.

“The Great Gatsby” by Salman RushdieThis year, Salman Rushdogh was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for his novel The Great Gattseb.

The book was originally published in 1962 as a collection of short stories, but the publisher, Random House, decided to publish it as a novel in 2017.

The novel tells the story of a man named Gats by the title The Great, and it is set in the era of the US Civil War.

The plot is loosely based on the events of the novel, which was written by an American writer named Henry James.

“I had been working on the book in my office for years and was looking forward to publishing it when I received the news that Salman Rushd did,” said Rushd in an interview with The Hindu.

“It was a surprise, to be honest, because I knew that the book was a masterpiece.

It was written with a level of wit and witchery that I could never have imagined.”2.

“Laughing at the Dead” by Shubham Kaul The book of poems, “Laughter at the DEAD” was published in 2018 by Penguin Random House.

The poem was inspired by a visit by the wife of a deceased Indian politician.

In the poem, Kaul narrates a story of how his late father, the late Shubram Kaul, died of a heart attack while in prison.

Kaul’s poem, published on the same day as the Nobel Literature prize, was read out loud at the ceremony in Stockholm.

The author also narrated the story in a short film.3.

“Towards the Future” by Nandita NarayanAn Indian writer, Nanditu Narayan, has also written a memoir about her years of writing.

The memoir was first published in 2013 and has since become an international bestseller.

“If you have a dream, if you are thinking about something, it is because you are in the throes of it, not because you’ve thought of it before,” Narayan told the Hindu in an exclusive interview with the publication.

“You are in an emotional state of consciousness.

You don’t know if you’re dreaming, dreaming, or thinking, because you have not done it before.”4.

“A Woman of the Mountains” by Anjali Bhatt In 2017, Anjalis Bhatt published her first book, a collection titled “A WOMAN OF THE LIONS.”

It was a novel that explored the lives of four women, one of whom is a mountain climber, the other a photographer.

Bhatt has also worked on short fiction.5.

“V.M. Tripti” by Satyajit Ray The novel, published in 2019, is a collection that explores the life of Triptiya Triptika, a woman who has been living in rural Bihar for the last 50 years.

She is a widow, and the story is told in an old-fashioned, almost feudal, way.6.

“Jhansi” -A Woman’s Story by V. M. TryptiThe novel, “Jhiansi,” was published by Penguin in 2018.

The story is a tale of three women, each one of them an Indian woman, who go to a remote village in Pakistan to visit a relative.

The narrator narrates her story and gives insight into her family and her relationship with her husband.7.

“Pray for a Dream” by Akshay Kumar The novel was published earlier this year.

The title “PRAY FOR A DREAM” is a poem that explores life in rural India and how it can be a dream.

“When I was a child, I was surrounded by stories that I wanted to read, but when I turned 14, I realised I was too old to read,” said Akshaya Kumar in an Interview with The Hindustan Times.8.

“Majnama” by Rajat SharmaThe novel “M Majnama”, which was released in 2018, tells the tale of a woman in rural Uttar Pradesh who becomes a widow after her husband dies.

The writer says that her novel is about the experience of being widowed and her mother’s grief.9.

“Yogi Bhatia: The Story of a Champion” by Arvind GuptaIn 2017, the novelist Arvind Guptas book “Yoga Bhati: The Stories” was released.

It tells the stories of the Indian wrestlers who

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