Which book is the best book?

A book about a fictional character might be a better choice for reading, a recent study has found.

But what is a book about?

The Australian researchers looked at more than 300 books from 1820 to 1950, and then divided them into four groups, which included literary fiction, nonfiction and children’s books.

They looked at how the authors’ style of writing influenced their choices of subject matter.

The researchers found that fiction was by far the most popular, followed by children’s fiction, children’s literature and poetry.

But nonfiction books were also popular.

Authors were most likely to choose to use words that sounded similar to words used in their own language, such as “nimble”, “intelligent” and “lively”.

However, the researchers also found that the authors tended to focus on subjects that were already familiar to readers, such a “love story” or a “child’s story”.

“When choosing books for children, the authors seem to be more interested in the story rather than the story itself,” the researchers wrote.

“In contrast, for adults, the books are mostly about the subject matter.”

The authors tended, on average, to pick more traditional, traditional-style books for their children’s stories.

However, a large number of nonfiction titles, including a lot of children’s and young adult books, did not seem to benefit from the “family-friendly” ethos of their authors.

The study is the first to examine this question.

It found that nonfiction authors tended not to pick up children’s, young adult or children’s writing, and their focus was on subjects such as romance, science fiction and fantasy, and they tended to use a wide range of vocabulary.

Nonfiction books are less likely to appeal to younger readers, and are more likely to be for older readers.

In fact, most nonfiction literature in the Australian Library’s collections is written for older adults.

“The most common type of non-fiction books, for example, are those that are about older people or people who are disabled, with a lot more focus on these types of books,” the study’s lead researcher Dr Michelle Pappas said.

“We found that, for a lot the nonfiction writers, it’s about the author’s experience.”

One of the biggest reasons why young adults are choosing to avoid fiction is because it can be difficult to find.

They are more comfortable with writing their own books, and prefer a “realistic” style of storytelling.

The authors of non fiction books are also less likely than other authors to make a big investment in their books, which makes it difficult to predict how many books they will sell.

“As we have shown, the number of people buying fiction is much lower than the number buying non fiction,” Dr Papps said.

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