How the world’s best known manuscripts are revealed in this BBC2 documentary

The manuscripts found in Antarctica are a collection of over 300 works of art and are among the best known and the most important in the world.

They have been on display at the British Museum since it opened in 1874.

The stories behind the artefacts are fascinating and often the subject of intense debate.

Some of the most famous works of British art are the Mona Lisa, the Monet and the Turner Prize-winning Georgievsky painting of a dog.

But there is another work that has never been seen by the public and the world has never seen.

“I’m not sure how many people have seen this,” said curator of the British Library John Waugh, as he pointed to the first two figures in the room.

“It’s a piece of art by a woman called Alice-Jane Blunden.

It was probably in her early twenties and she probably died in 1894.”

I don’t think anyone in the UK has ever seen it before.

The only person I know who has ever read it is a lady who is still alive.

She was on holiday in the USA and she said, ‘I’ve never seen a picture of that before.’

“I think she was joking but I’m going to give you a hint of what I think is behind it.”

You have this beautiful woman in this lovely, pretty, pretty painting.

Her face is beautiful, her hair is lovely, she has a lovely complexion and her features are perfectly proportioned.

“The work of Blundeens younger brother, Robert, is also a masterpiece of art.

Robert Blundes art has inspired an international art movement and inspired some of the greatest artists in the history of the world, including Pablo Picasso, Renoir and Van Gogh.

Alice-Jane is one of the few remaining works of European art, which she painted between 1884 and 1893.

The Blundens have been given permission to paint the painting on the wall at the museum.”

The whole thing is one beautiful painting.

She painted it in her living room.

She had a large, bright room,” said Waugh.”

She had a very strong, beautiful and passionate love for art and she had an intense love of art.

“She was one of several artists who painted the painting, but it is the work of the Blundus brothers that stands out.”

These are extraordinary pieces of art, the work that the Bluntens have done, it is an amazing work of art,” Waugh said.”

If you look at it, there is a painting on one side and on the other side you have the painting of the dog with the beautiful face, with the lovely eyes and the lovely hair.

“A large portion of the paintings collection were destroyed during World War I, when the Allies liberated France and Germany.

Some pieces of artwork were preserved but it was the painting that was discovered and opened that sparked a debate about what was known about the Blondes.

Some people believe the painting is an image of a woman and a man in love, while others believe the work was a work of pain.

In the decades that followed the discovery of the painting and the work’s release, the painting gained much attention in the British media.

It was published in the Daily Mirror in May 1896 and in the New York Herald-Tribune in May 1897.

But it was not until the late 1920s and 1930s that the painting became a national treasure.

In 1932, the British ambassador to Italy, John Riddell, visited the site and said that he was “appalled” to find the painting.

John Riddill said the discovery was a “terrible tragedy”.”

The museum said that a small part of the work is still missing and the painting’s fate is uncertain. “

I think it is worth about £3,000 to be shown in the museum and the rest will probably be given away.”

The museum said that a small part of the work is still missing and the painting’s fate is uncertain.

A spokesperson for the British Royal Collection said: “It is our sincere hope that, in time, this painting will be returned to the museum where it belongs, and, if it is to be displayed at all, it will be on display in a very special way to the British public.”


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