How to find ancient manuscripts in Thailand

Find ancient manuscripts and ancient Thai manuscripts in your home and the world is your oyster.

Read moreThe ancient manuscript alphabet, used by scholars for centuries, has been digitised in a digital form.

It will be the first time the entire ancient manuscript manuscript alphabet is available in one place, said Lorna Choo, head of research at the University of Bangkok’s Department of Languages and Cultures.

This is an important milestone for the country, she added.

The researchers have identified a total of 6,078 ancient manuscript manuscripts.

They have identified more than 3,000 ancient manuscript characters, including more than 50 characters with words like “northern”, “festival”, and “southern”.

Lorna told The Straits Times the team also uncovered more than 500 fragments of ancient writing and images in the form of drawings.

Lornas research team, which is headed by a PhD student, found an ancient script in the middle of a field in the northern part of Phuket province in March 2017.

Lyon Pao, a research assistant, said it is rare for researchers to find such a large number of ancient manuscript documents in a single area, especially when the manuscripts were discovered during archaeological digs.

“There were probably thousands of manuscripts and illustrations, and the authors were buried here, so there was an abundance of material,” he said.

The team has already published their findings in the Journal of Thai Archaeology.

The new digital digitisation of the ancient manuscript letterbook has already been digitized and the project will be presented at the UNESCO World Heritage Convention in Bangkok in September.

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