When will the US go back to the Constitution?

American conservative author Erick Erickson says that President Donald Trump’s recent executive orders restricting immigration from certain Muslim-majority nations are unconstitutional.

The executive orders have been blocked by the Supreme Court and are currently being appealed to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in New York.

But Erickson is hopeful that Trump will soon make good on his promise to sign an executive order that will reinstate the Constitution, and that it will be a constitutional amendment.

He wrote an article in which he argued that Trump’s executive orders were constitutional because the states had the right to regulate immigration.

The Supreme Court, he argued, was a rubber stamp for immigration policy, because it had never considered the constitutional rights of states.

“President Trump is on a mission to undo what is left of the Constitution,” he wrote.

“That mission has begun.

We can no longer ignore it.

We must resist it.”

The article is embedded below.

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