Goodnight Moon: Illuminated manuscripts exhibition opens at Museum of the City of New York

The exhibit, “Goodnight Moon” by New York City artist and author Rebecca Clements, opens on Saturday, March 15.

The exhibition is titled “Good Night Moon,” after the Moon that was originally a mythological figure.

“It’s an exploration of the ways in which the moon can be a symbolic figure in our everyday lives, both as a celestial body and as a place where we look back and reflect on our lives,” Clements said in a press release.

The exhibit will include works by more than 40 artists, as well as photographs and sculptures.

The artists will include David F. Smith (The Moon), and Rachael G. Bremner (The Eye of the Moon), as well two pieces by Robert T. Cupp (The Fiery Lady) and one by Mark A. Vincenzetti (The Sun of the Sea).

The exhibit is part of the Museum of New Works of Art (MNWA) program, which is dedicated to exploring the ways that art can be used to transform our everyday experiences.

The MNWA program has been running since 2015, and it has a long history.

In 2017, the museum received the 2016 International Art Award for Emerging Artist, as selected by the International Council for Cultural Relations.

The program’s inaugural exhibit, titled The Moon in My Head, opened in 2017.

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