The key to decoding Voynich’s manuscript

An important ancient manuscript has been decoded in an international collaboration.

The work is part of the “WAVEN” project, which is seeking to decode a manuscript known as the Voynisch Codex by searching the Internet for information on its condition.

The study will help the public understand the Voyniches work and its significance for mankind, said David Wills, chief scientist at the National Center for Science Education.

The Voyniscan Codex was discovered in the 1920s in northern France, where a group of Dutch scientists found the first surviving copy of the Bible.

The manuscript contains a section of the Old Testament, which contains the entire Bible.

Wills said it was possible the first printed copy of this ancient text was in France and that the work was copied from a Dutch book.

“The manuscript is a bit of a mystery, but we have a lot of hope for it,” Wills told CBS News.

“We think it’s very likely the work of an unknown translator, because the Dutch had no modern knowledge of the language and the writing.”

A key to deciphering the Voynian Codex has been recovered, Wills added.

It’s been decrypted and could help the team decipher the text.

Wids study said the Codex was in a very good condition, and was in the hands of an expert in its preservation.

The team of researchers will be traveling to the Netherlands to help with the decryption.

The Voynics manuscript is currently on loan from the Netherlands National Library, which has an archive containing the text of the Voynes book.

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