José Mourinho’s controversial book manuscript ‘slammed by court’

It was a legal battle with the football club that saw Mourinho’s “José” manuscript cast into the public domain.

The former Manchester United manager has spent years trying to have it published in Germany, where the first edition was originally published in 2014.

But on Thursday, a Berlin court ruled that the manuscript is no longer a legitimate copy of the Bible and it should be removed from the public sphere.

“The text is the first genuine biblical work of the early church and it was made by someone who is not Jesus Christ,” said Justice Wolfgang Schmid, who also noted that “Josi” was “a famous eroticist.”

The court ruled in the case of Josep González de Almagro, who owns the copyright to the manuscript and has refused to hand it over to Mourinho.

The Portuguese former coach has argued that the work was “intended for the use of the members of the Church of the New Testament,” and he has said he is willing to pay for the removal of the manuscript.

“I’m not a lawyer, but I have the right to be compensated for damages,” he said in October.

“This case has no merit and it has no legal merit.”

Mourinho’s lawyer, Andreas Klimt, said the book’s contents “can be safely ignored” and he was not surprised by the court’s ruling.

“He is not a legal scholar.

It is a completely irresponsible act.

He has no understanding of the work, and he’s only using it as a tool to hurt the football clubs,” Klimter told Germany’s Bild newspaper.”

We will see where the court takes this one.

If it decides to ignore this, then I don’t think there’s any hope.”

Moussa Sissoko, a Portuguese lawyer, said that the decision to exclude the manuscript was “absurd” and that he would be “appalled” if Mourinho were to be allowed to use the book.

“That’s why I’m asking the court to dismiss the case,” Sissoloso told Reuters news agency.

“This is not the first time that a Christian was denied a Bible, and I am not naive enough to think that it will be the last time.”

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